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Our Partners

Use Code: "SOS" With all of our partners for savings!

"We make your car look better than it has ever done before by going the extra step to make sure your vehicle is perfect. We offer a bespoke detailing, car washing service in and around London, Guildford, Kent and surrounding areas."


"The concept of our banger rally is simple. Buy a car a cheap car, make it road worthy and wacky, i.e. use your noggin to make your car stand out. The more wacky the car the more fun you’ll have... and of course get your mates involved! 


Then drive from location to location, enjoying challenges on the way with like minded people (fools never differ or brilliant minds think alike – we can’t decide). Then enjoy a well deserved party at the end of each day. "

Image 26-04-2024 at 16.26.jpg

“Automotive artwork for petrolheads , made by petrolheads”

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